2021 Fee Schedule

Summary of Fees

Registration Package Cost
U5 – U7 Boys (Skills Acquisition Program) $285
U5 – U8 Girls (Skills Acquisition Program) $285
U8 Boys (Skills Acquisition Program) $285
U8 Boys (Home & Away Competition) $495
U9 – U11 (Home & Away Competition) $595
U12 – U16 (Home & Away Competition) $695
U17 – U18 Boys (Home & Away Competition) $695
U17 – U18 Girls (Home & Away Competition) $695
Seniors (Home & Away Competition) $695

Coaching Levy

Non Parent Coaching Levy payable per player


Coaching Levy

BOYS                  U12 – Kangas,  U13A,  U14A, U15A, U16A

$200 Second night technical training with a paid Specialist Qualified Coach
Coaching Levy $200 Second night Training with a Paid Specialist Qualified Coach (Optional for all Juniors not playing top tier)

Registration Discounts

Registration Discounts
All Ages $25 Second & Subsequent Siblings
U18 – Seniors $100 Tertiary discount on presentation of current student card

To view the full Terms & Conditions as per PlayFootball registration please read them here.

Parent Coaches

Our Miniroos Program U5 – U11 is coached by our enthusiastic parents.  In actual fact, I’m not sure who enjoys it more – the parent or the child.  Kids get a real buzz when their Mum or Dad is the coach of their sporting team.  The level of involvement increases; they practice more, and also get some street cred with their friends.

For over a decade, Boroondara Eagles has been encouraging and supporting parents to take on this very important role and to ensure the future of grassroots sports.  Unfortunately without parent coaches, fees would increase and ultimately the future of youth soccer would be at risk.

Please consider taking on this important role.  Support is available in the form of advice, cover for when you are away and also ideas on keeping the kids engaged.

The main aim is to keep it enjoyable and fun for all.