Parent Information

Parents of our players are invited to play an active part in the club. We need your help to continue the growth of Boroondara Eagles and to share the load with others whether it is helping out in the canteen or assisting your team manager on match day, your contribution is essential and valued.

Information for Parents

As we prepare for the new season, we would like to remind all players, parents, coaches, team managers and club officials of our Boroondara Eagles codes of conduct.  We pride ourselves on being a family friendly and welcoming club, respectful of each other and with a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game.

The following Codes of Conduct for junior players, parents, coaches, managers and Club Officials and Volunteers should be respected and adhered to by all.

Also, parents should be aware that each team is responsible for providing one Ground Marshal at each home and away match (instead of Home team providing two marshals).

Player and Parent Guide to Player Selection and Team Grading

Each year several questions, concerns and issues arise regarding the player selection process for Boroondara Eagles FC. If you have any questions, please speak to our Director of Football Manny Koutroulis.

C’mon Ref!!

Ever wanted to know more about the rules of the game and be better informed?

Football Australia (FA) has a free online Laws of the Game course open to everyone. The online Laws of the Game is an educational tool, giving you interactive access to the Laws of the Game including videos, workbooks, exams, procedures, interpretations, additional information and details on how to become an officially accredited referee.

The Real Reason Our Kids Quit Sport

This article provides great insight into what some of the reasons are that kids want to quit sport.  A must-read for all soccer parents.

How to be a Good Sports Parent

To make sure your kids get the most out of their participation, you need to participate, too. Being involved, in a positive way, means you provide encouragement, support, and practical help. In short, you’re a team player, no matter the sport.