FIFA 11+

FIFA 11+ – Injury Prevention Program

FIFA 11+ is an effective injury prevention program developed by FIFA. Designed as a complete warm-up, it can be done in place of a regular warm-up before training/games and includes specific strengthening exercises and drills to reduce the likelihood of injuries in football players. The exercises are designed to improve strength in the lower limbs and core, greater neuromuscular control and awareness throughout a range of motions.

There are three parts to the program;

  • part one is running exercises
  • part two involves plyometric, strength and balance exercises with the possibility to progress through levels
  • part three is further running exercises

The whole sequence only takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, perfect for a pre-game warm up or the beginning of training.

The program has been proven to reduce the incidence of lower limb injuries by 39% among male and female players. Specifically in females, it has been shown to reduce knee injuries by 52%. Ultimately, the program will assist coaches in building better, stronger players, resulting in winning more games!

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