Team Management Manuals

BEFC Team Management manuals (& Quick-Start Guides) are available for download by clicking the links below. The documents are in protected PDF format, and require a password to open. Team Managers needing to download materials should contact their Age Group Co-ordinator for the ‘unlock’ password.

The manuals are age-group specific: you only need to download the manual relevant to you.

These manuals will periodically be updated as necessary; however please note the following:  The Team Management Manuals and Quick Start Guides make reference to parent volunteers for the BBQ outside the canteen at Macleay Park.  This is now not correct for the 2016 season; parent volunteers to cook on the BBQ will no longer be required as they have been in the past.

Team Management Manual – U8 to U11 (2016)
Quick Start Guide – U8 to U11 (2016)


Our Head Coach Manny Koutroulis (mob: 0434 006 863)

 Click this link to view Manny’s Profile and Vision

FFV Directive on Shin Pads

Referees have again been reminded to enforce the wearing of Shin Guards that provide a “reasonable degree of protection”. This year, Refs have been told that Senior Players may not wear Junior Shinguards. They have also been told to ensure the Shin Guards provide reasonable protection with good coverage of the whole Shin.

Shin guards are available from all leading sports stores.

FFV Rules of Competition

Click this link to view the latest FFV Competition rules and other FFV laws & policies