Played Overseas?

Was your last registration overseas?

As the 2018 season is approaching, it is important to ensure that all International Players are registered correctly and apply for an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) as per the FIFA and National Registration Regulations. All ITC’s are applied through MyFootballClub (both adult and minor).

One of the major hurdles that all clubs face every year is that of Minor ITC Applications.

FIFA and FFA conversely have changed the applications for Minor ITC’s (10 years old – 18 years old).

It is a FIFA mandated registration regulation that all players aged from 10 years of age are required to apply for an ITC if they have participated in any type of football activity overseas.

For every players who is 10 years of age – 18 years of age, who has previously participated in any football activity overseas, must apply for an ITC by following the next steps:

  1. Registering through MyFootballClub, and requesting an ITC.
  2. The player’s parent(s)/guardian & club must complete the following form: Minor ITC Application & Declaration Form.
  3. The player’s parent(s)/guardian & club must complete ONE of the following Application forms with the required documentation to be submitted:

BLUE FORM: International movement of both the player’s biological parents

PURPLE FORM: International movement of one the player’s biological parents

GREEN FORM: International movement of none of the player’s biological parents

ORANGE FORM: The player lived continuously for the last 5 years in Australia prior to the request

RED FORM: The player is undertaking an academic study program in Australia

AQUA FORM: The player is a refugee

All documentation that is required in the above forms is explained in the EXPLANATORY NOTES, and must be scanned and emailed in PDF form to

Please also find attached the Guide to ITC’s for further clarification in regards to all ITC’s (Professional & Amateur), and Minor ITC Applications.

If you are uncertain in regards to whether you need an ITC (both adult and minor), please urgently contact or 0423 782 800.