Announcing our Pass a Ball Program with PARK

Major Partner Announcement

The Boroondara Eagles partner with PARK in a move to deliver meaningful environmental and social impact.

Boroondara Eagles Football Club (BEFC) are excited to announce a 3-year social impact partnership with PARK.

PARK is the impact football brand for people and the planet, and have recently launched the world’s first carbon neutral football. Every PARK football locks away 5kg of CO2e, offsetting more than the amount of carbon emitted during the manufacturing process.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, Boroondara Eagles have partnered with PARK through their “Pass-a-ball” program.

Over a 3-year period, the Boroondara Eagles are estimated to purchase in excess of 700 footballs to deliver their junior community football program to its growing membership. In the past, we have purchased balls from global brands – and whilst that has served a purpose – the club sees an opportunity to create genuine social and community impact by thinking differently.

The “Pass-a-ball” program will see the club purchase footballs from PARK over the next 3 years. For every ball purchased, PARK will pass an identical ball to children in need across the globe – one for one. In four years, they have passed over 10,000 balls globally through this program. The club will aim to use PARK footballs entirely through its junior programs, delivering an impact of 700 balls onto the feet of kids who need them most and removing 3,500Kg of C02 Emissions compared to current practices.

There is also no compromise of the football quality and experience in using a PARK football. In addition to the social impact, the PARK ball is of a FIFA and Football Victoria approved standard and is also used in professional leagues in Belgium, Germany, Japan and the USA.

Boroondara Eagles Members can also purchase PARK balls via the clubs official apparel club major partner and supplier Ultra Football.

Statement from PARK Founder, Sam Davy

“Unfortunately, our world is not equal.  Our planet is in crisis, and football needs to play its part. Football is a powerful tool to create change and we are thrilled by this partnership with an eminent club like Boroondara Eagles taking active steps to create meaningful social and environmental outcomes.

Through this partnership, our goal is to use the power of football to tackle these global issues and level the playing field. This means vital equipment reaches those that need the game the most – and it all begins with a kick of the ball.”

Statement from BEFC Club President, Chris Constantine

“As a community football club we are committed to making sure football is for all, anywhere and anytime. The partnership with PARK was a ‘no-brainer’ delivering compelling outcomes for people and planet at no additional cost to what we’d otherwise invest in the procurement of approved footballs.

This partnership recognises our growing commitment to ensure we can fulfill our club vision of “Fostering self-worth and achievement through playing football”.

We’ve integrated this program with our Club Major partner and apparel supplier Ultra Football where members can purchase their own PARK football via their store or website.   I’d encourage all our members, their families, and friends to consider purchasing a football whether it be for a birthday or special occasion and take comfort and delight in the knowledge that you are improving the environment and helping a child in need.”

How you can make an impact 

Learn more about PARK at

If you are interested in buying your own PARK ball, you can purchase one at our official apparel supplier by registering your membership at