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We are continuously looking for ways to improve all our players across all levels by offering more hours of coach support wherever possible. Our coaches are not only highly technically skilled but they are also great role models for our Junior players.

The specialist sessions will have senior coaches working on skills, improving first touch, passing, dribbling, shooting etc. These sessions will not be team or game focused but more on the individual although they will play in a group. There will most likely be a practice match to finish off the end of the session to cement the skills and techniques that were just taught and discussed.

We look forward to delivering this fantastic 12 week program which will give all players that join a real confidence boost in skills development.

Based on our user pays model, this would be a second night training program for U12 – 16 members and U5 – U8 MiniEagles which is at a cost of $200 for 12 sessions.

For our U8 – U11 competition team players, this program is included as part of the registration.

Non members are more than welcome to take advantage of the skills program at $200 for the 12 sessions in the age group that they are suited to.

Monday Program Available – Girls & Boys
U8 – U9 – BEFC Competition Players – included in registration
Goal Keeper Training – U11 – U17 current members – included in registration
U8 – U9 – non-members – $200
U12 – U16 – current (second training night) or new members $200
Goal Keeper Training – U11 – U17 – non-members $200
U5 – U8 MiniEagles – current (second training night) or new $200 (non competition players)

Term 2: 16, 23, 30 May 6, 20 June No Training Queens Birthday
Term 3: 18, 25 July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August
Sessions from 6.00pm – 7pm (GK from 6.20pm – 7pm)

Wednesday Program Available – Girls & Boys
U10 – U11 – BEFC Competition Players – included in registration
U10 – U11 – non-members $200

Term 2: 18, 25 May 1, 8, 15, 22 June
Term 3: 20, 27 July 3, 10, 17, 24 August
Sessions from 6.00pm – 7pm

For more details and to book, please visit:

See you soon
Go Eagles!