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DATE: Friday 22nd February 2020


Boroondara Eagles FC land unique partnership with Amplify Education to foster better school/football balance


The Boroondara Eagles Football Club has secured Amplify Education – a private academic tuition firm as an official club partner for the 2020 season.


The partnership will see Amplify Education and the club set up “Eagle Homework Hubs” initially at their Macleay Park facilities allowing children the option to do school homework and access Amplify Education’s leading tutors across a range of subjects to assist our kids before they hit the training park.


To support this, Amplify Education will be offering club members generous discounts to their services throughout the year for those parents who wish to more formally set up individual academic tuition for their children outside the Eagles Homework Hub.


Boroondara Eagles Club President Chris Constantine describes the partnership as both fitting and important in the modern day.


“One of the aims at the club is to allow our girls and boys to become better versions of themselves which makes this partnership a perfect match. We also understand the increasing demands and change experienced by our children entering secondary school in particular. An initiative like this can both alleviate that pressure by providing the necessary support so that they are not feeling overwhelmed with secondary school transition and can better balance the demands of school and football with the hope they commit to both on an ongoing basis with a growth mindset,” said Constantine


Zack Paloukas is the brain child behind Amplify Education and is supported by a team of tutors with a median ATAR of 98.90 in a range of subject matter disciplines. Established in 2019, they already have serviced over 120 students of which 95% stated that their grades improved as a result of the Amplify Education experience.


Paloukas sees this partnership also as a unique way to help parents.


“Having played soccer myself and wanting to do well at school, I understand the challenges that kids face trying to juggle both. Most importantly though, it can also be a challenge for parents who typically have school pick up, rush home, feed the kids, make sure their homework is ticked off then do the drop off and pick up to sport or other activities. This initiative is a way to create a strong community hub for the club members of Boroondara but also a place where kids and parents can calmly integrate the Eagles Homework Hub into their routines limiting the demands associated with organising the children for training whilst at the same time giving children access to quality educational support through the football club,” said Paloukas


The first Eagles Homework Hub will be announced to members at season commencement and will look to extend the service further to their second facility at Stradbroke Park.


Club President, Chris Constantine encourages members to get behind this wonderful opportunity and is grateful for the support from Amplify Education.


“The committee of Boroondara Eagles is working really hard at trying to build a strong community hub and this is just the start of many initiatives we are looking at to foster greater services to club members with local partners.


Local investment in sporting clubs is key to continued community engagement and growth. The club is thrilled to have the investment support from Amplify Education, and we welcome Zack and his team to the Eagles. We look forward to a successful and rewarding partnership,” stated Constantine


Registrations for the 2020 season are open at and players of all abilities and backgrounds are welcome.


More information about Amplify Education can be found at





About Amplify Education:


Amplify Education is a collective of high achieving VCE graduates whose main objective is to empower younger students through engaging and comprehensive private tuition. They strive to gradually but firmly establish a sought after set of values within every student, focusing on work ethic and the habit of holding themselves to high standards.


Being high achieving graduate students ourselves, we know the necessary steps to be taken in order for academic success.


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