Seniors – Fees and Registration

Fee Summary for the 2017 Season

The fee for the season is fixed at $540 (incl GST) for Seniors.

Discounts are available for tertiary students. Please email your request to the club contact in your age group.

Please be aware that the only payment method for the 2017 year will be through online credit-card payment.

As was the case in 2016 the My Football Club site will add to your playing fee, a merchant fee of 1.8% in 2017. This is a significant reduction from the 2.3% charged in 2016.

Unfortunately we can no longer accept alternatives such as cash, cheques and direct deposits due to the administrative load and administrative costs generated by these payment methods.

How to Register

Prospective new players will first need to obtain an FFA number, via the MyFootballClub (MFC) website.

All players (new and returning) will need to register with the Boroondara Eagles, (also on the MFC website).

Refer to link for instructions: Boroondara Eagles FC Player Self Registration 2017.